Episode #28 - An Interview with Richard Maurer, ND

Dr. Richard Maurer is a licensed naturopathic doctor who, after practicing in a primary care setting for over twenty years, now provides a unique perspective on metabolic health and recovery.

Dr. Maurer puts his patients in the driver’s seat of health and wellness, helping them decode blood test results to find the diet and fitness habits that reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes, weight gain and hypothyroid problems.

Episode #26 - An Interview with Dr. Chris Bjorndal ND

Dr. Chris Bjorndal is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) and the owner of the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic in Edmonton, Alberta.

Her practice focus is mental health -  anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and addiction. She utilizes nutrition and natural therapies to support the physical foundation of health. 

Episode #25 - An Interview with Drew Manning from Fit2Fat2Fit

Drew is well known for documenting his journey where he purposely gained 75 pounds and then dieted and exercised back to health to gain a better understanding of what his clients experience by being overweight.

Drew’s passion for sports and fitness began at an early age. In college, he gained experience through classes and sports that inspired him to become a certified personal trainer through NASM. 

Episode #24 - An Interview with Emily Schromm

From MTV Challenge winner to Women's Health Magazine's Next Fitness Star and entrepreneur, Emily's journey of self-discovery has led her to a full-time career in helping others. Struggling her whole life with body image, gut trouble, and skin issues, nutrition and fitness has completely turned her life around. Primarily running her 21 Day EmFit Challenge online, she works with clients in Denver and around the world to change the food on their plate in order to feel their absolute best.

Episode #19 - An Interview with Dr. Noah De Koyer

Dr. Noah has managed the Family Chiropractic Center of Bayonne for the past 16 years with the mission to guide people to achieve their own innate beauty and good health.

His patients range from infants a few hours old to enlightened 99 year olds. In 2014 Dr. Noah co- created a new business with two of his closest colleagues who share the same desire to help humanity live a healthy lifestyle through a think tank organization; called Beyond Your Wildest Genes.  

Episode #18 - An Interview with Allyson Chrystal and Dr. Aaron Blaisdell

Today's podcast features two close friends of mine, Allyson Chrystal and Dr. Aaron Blaisdell. We recorded this podcast a couple of months ago, since then, we have learned that the Ancestral Health Sympsium will be hosted in Seattle Washington. I will be presenting along side both Dr. Blaisdell and Allyson Chrystal, for more information, check out my website that’s 3030strong dot com. 

Episode #16 - An Interview with David Winston RH (AHG)

David Winston RH (AHG) is an herbalist and ethnobotanist with over 40 years of training in Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal traditions.  He has been in clinical practice for over 35 years and is an herbal consultant to physicians, herbalists and researchers throughout the USA and Canada.  In 2013 David was presented with the Natural Products Association (NPA) Clinician’s Award.

Episode #15 - An Interview with Steph Gaudreau

Steph combines a formal education in biology / human physiology (BS Biology—Human Physiology), 12 years of science teaching experience (MA—Education and National Board Certification), holistic nutrition training (Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner), and an unabashed love of tasty Paleo food (human with taste buds) on her blog, Stupid Easy Paleo.

Episode #14 - An Interview with Patricia Bragg

You’ll recognize today’s guest from the World Famous Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar bottles. Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D is an author, health consultant, business woman and all around Health Crusader. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from the Bragg Health Foundation, which is committed to promoting health and wellness worldwide. At 87 years young, her infectious enthusiasm reminds us all to use the lessons of the past and get excited for the future. 

Episode #13 - An Interview with Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist, health expert, and author of the New York Times bestseller The Paleo Solution and the eagerly anticipated Wired To Eat. He has been a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism and Journal of Evolutionary Health; serves on the board of directors of Specialty Health medical clinic in Reno, Nevada; and is a consultant for the Naval Special Warfare Resilience Program. Wolf is also a former California State powerlifting champion and holds the rank of purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife Nicki, and daughters Zoe and Sagan.

Episode #12 - An Interview with Diana Rodgers RD, LDN, NTP.

Diana Rodgers, is a Licensed Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who lives on a working organic farm west of Boston.

She has an active practice where she helps people get on track with diet and lifestyle. She is also an author, hosts The Sustainable Dish Podcast, and is the mom of two active kids. She speaks at universities and conferences internationally about nutrition and sustainability, social justice, animal welfare and food policy issues.

Episode #10 - An Interview with Stephan Guyenet

Stephan Guyenet, continues his mission to advance science as a writer, speaker, and science consultant.  His book, The Hungry Brain, released on February 7, 2017, is a fascinating look at the brain's role in weight regulation.  His current consulting clients include the Open Philanthropy Project and the Examine.com Research Digest.  He also helped co-design a web-based fat loss program called the Ideal Weight Program.