Winnie’s Chicken Salad

Back in my hospital days we used to sneak to the cafeteria to get a Chicken Salad snack. It was smoky, creamy and had just the right amount of sweetness to keep you coming back for another bite. After I moved to Arizona I longed for the satisfying chicken salad from Winnie Palmer Hospital. I tried many iterations in my kitchen until I finally nailed it (I added the bacon, because bacon makes everything better, you are welcomed). This is a simple, delicious and paleo-friendly meal that your family will love. 

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Cuban Lechon Asado

Cuban food, just like its people is resourceful. My dear friend Esperanza (which literally translates to Hope, how poetic) would tell me that when the ration book gave you tough pork, you had to use ingenuity to make it palatable. She taught me to marinate the pork shoulder with the classic Mojo marinade, a mixture of flavors borrowed from Spanish, African and French cuisine.

Garlic, citrus and spices come together to make the perfect balance of flavors that everyone will love. This recipe is simple to prepare, but it requires patience. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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Brussel Sprout Slaw

What goes better with BBQ ribs than some Coleslaw? Grilling season is almost over, but Brussel Sprout season just started! Before you start roasting those green nuggets of nutritional density, let's try a different approach and mix them with some tangy and fresh dressing.  

 I use the food processor to shred the sprouts, but you can find pre-shredded Brussel Sprouts in your grocery store or you can use shredded cabbage and carrots for a classic picnic side dish.