Episode #84 - An Interview discussing the Future of Naturopathic Medicine


For episode 84 of  the show, I wanted to do a little different. I wanted to interview three Rockstars from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine!

They are recent grads, and in this show we share our experiences from the program and a little bit of insight into how we plan to change the world.  

Dr. Turner is part of the team at Integrative Health in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her research career began with comparative genomics using software modeling to annotate genomes of very small creatures with names impossible to pronounce correctly. This transitioned into research on botanical medicine and infectious disease where she collaborated with Dr Ruiz to make some incredible discoveries – including how to make paper boats to play with when the lab flooded. She has a clinical focus in endocrinology and a passion for promoting mental health. Her curiosity and research have allowed her to gain valuable insights which she has shared at presentations nationally and internationally. If you’re looking for her check the local ice rink, her website www.Beyond20Questions.com or Instagram @Beyond20Questions where she’s always sharing the latest research and adventures.


From the time I dissected my first frog in the 8th grade, I knew I wanted to learn how living organisms worked and why, sometimes, they didn’t.  Fast forward many moons and I was toiling away in the clinical research world; my love of sports and unrelenting curiosity had landed me in a research office focused on orthopaedic pain management. While this should have been the ideal situation for me, I found myself unsettled. I worked on several opioid studies and began questioning how “innovative” these drugs really were. It was this nagging doubt that led me to begin the search for a career change, that ultimately lead me to Naturopathic Medicine.

My education and experience at SCNM, so far, has provided a path based in the oldest traditions and philosophies. However, it has been more innovative than any research I participated in. It has shown me the power of working in the Naturopathic therapeutic order to identify and appropriately address the patient’s pain generator in the least invasive manner, which often includes addressing and tuning up the entire system.  It is the combination of this education and my prior experience in the allopathic model that provides me a unique perspective to approach patient care. 


Dr. William Mitchell is Naturopathic Physician specializing in rheumatology located in Gilbert, Arizona. His decision to focus his practice on rheumatologic diseases stems from the core principle of looking at the body as a whole through viewing its individual systems collectively in the expression of health and illness. His practice style blends the best of Integrative, Functional and Naturopathic perspectives.